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Entering Credit Card Tips AFTER Batching Out


If while entering credit card tips you receive an error “Item Missing”, it is likely the credit card transaction associated with the tip you’re trying to enter has already been batched. There are three options for dealing with this scenario.

  1. The server does not get paid for that tip and the customer’s card will only be charged the base amount.
  2. The restaurant pays the server for the tip and does not charge the customer’s card for the tip.
  3. The restaurant processes the tip manually and pays the server for the tip. This is the ONLY option where the restaurant gets paid for the tip. This option will result in two charges on the customer’s credit card statement/bank ledger: one for the base amount and one for the tip amount. Ex: A $16 check plus a $4 tip will show up as two charges, one for $16 and one for $4 instead of a single charge for $20.


Steps for addressing the issue: 

For those processing payments with Out-of-Scope Payments(eg. you have chip card readers), the only way to have the tip entered on the transaction is to contact your credit card provider.
For those processing with “Legacy” or In-Scope payment processors, you can go to EPS Transaction Query in the Mangement Console, find the transaction, pull the full credit card number and expiration date, and process a new transaction for the tip amount by pressing “New Sale” and inputting the correct information.
Updated on February 11, 2018

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