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Basic Network Guide

The EBTF netwowrk standards are set in place to ensure the most stable network conditions and to allow for easier troubleshooting for on site management whenever a networking issue might occur.

Internet Service Provider Modem: This is the piece of hardware that brings the internet connection into the building. This is usually a wide open connection, and that is why the firewall is needed.

Firewall: This is a piece of hardware with the built in capacity to limit the information that comes in and out of the restaurant. The much needed security helps protect your information and customers’ credit card information. The firewall creates the private/static network that the POS system needs to function.

Patch Panel: If a site has more than three terminals, we recommend installing a Patch Panel. The Patch Panel will be installed close to where ever your Inter Service Provider Modem will live. This creates clearly labeled terminations for each of the network drops in the rest of the building and allows for ease of troubleshooting for on site managers. Please get with a network professional if your site will have more than three terminals.

Network Switch: This allows all of the terminals and credit card readers to communicate through the firewall as needed and with each other.

POS Terminal/Remote Printer/KDS/BOH PC: For each location where there will be a POS device, there will need to be a clearly labeled wall port that corresponds with the label either on the patch panel, or on the other end of the network line as needed.

NOTE: If you do not have a reliable network professional that you are already familiar with working with, please connect with your Implementations Specialist or the Technician on your support case, and they can help you find the right company in your area.

Updated on September 26, 2022

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