End of Day

Front of House:
  1. Run all server checkouts.
  2. Make sure all checks are closed (included any manager checks).
  3. Make sure any Manager Credit Card transactions have tips entered (even if it is a zero tip).
Back of House:
  1. Open the Management Console(MC) application.
  2. Click “POS” and then click “End of Day”. You should see this:

If the End of Day dialog box shows there are open tables, you may click Go Fix to see what tables are open and the servers they belong to. Any tables that are open must be closed from the front of the house. Before you go up front to close the open tables you may HAVE TO cancel out of the End Of Day process in Manager Console, depending on version. If the End of Day dialog box shows there are open servers, you may click “Go Fix” to see what servers are open. An “Open Employee” is an employee with sales activity for the day that has not run a checkout since the sales activity.

Sometimes MC will appear to be freezing up or it may show “Not Responding” If this happens, DO NOT CLOSE MC FOR AT LEAST 4-5 MINUTES. Batching credit cards, posting End of Day, etc is all processing on terminal 1, so your BOH may think MC isn’t responding when in reality it’s waiting on Terminal 1 to finish posting. Batching and posting can take UP TO 3-5 minutes each. 


Sometimes Servers and Managers will still show up in the End Of Day dialog as active in, even after you have clocked them out. “Active Employees” are anyone who has rung something up but not done a checkout. This includes a manager who rang up an item to test it and then voided it; even though they didn’t take in any money, they will still show as an “Active Employee” on the End of Day screen.

Next, you will process the credit and gift card batch. The End Of Day dialog will show **NO** in the Payments Batched section. Click Go Fix to batch the electronic payments. You should see something like this:

If you do not process gift cards through your POS system, you can uncheck the gift card option(s) before you click “Do It”. Now in The Electronic Payments dialog, click “Do It” to send the batch. In the lower left of the dialog box, you will see messages indicating the progress. Eventually, you will see “batching completed” at which time you may click the Cancel button to resume End Of Day.

System Totals Entered will have a **NO** indicator. Click Go Fix to enter your cash & gift certificate amounts. you should see something like this:

When credit cards and gift cards were batched in the previous step, the totals for all of them were automatically filled in. If you have a negative cash deposit amount (as a result of a majority of credit transactions) enter a minus sign in front of the amount.

If you processed any payments, voids, refunds, or entered any tips from Manager Console, this will cause a variance in your “Actual” and “Ideal” totals. 

In the next step you have the opportunity to change the date that you will be closing out. If the date in the dialog box is correct, go ahead and click the POST button. If the date is incorrect click Go Fix to correct the date. The current calendar date will have a red circle around it. If it is after midnight when you are posting end of day, you will need the previous day to be highlighted in blue. You are posting on the “date of business” (whatever the date was when you opened and started the shift).
The final step is to click the POST button. You will see several messages and blue progress bars at the top right of the screen indicating what onePOS is doing. The end result is that after you post end of day, that day of business is saved to a JOURNAL file (a permanent record of all the transactions of the day), and the system is reset so you are ready to begin a new day of business.

You may receive several warning messages after clicking POST. If you know you are posting to the correct date and you are sure everyone is clocked out and all tables were closed, you may proceed past each warning. Any reports set up to be e-mailed at End Of Day will be sent automatically. The Employees Clock In/Out dialog will automatically open to remind you to edit any employee time records that may be incorrect. If no time records need to be changed, simply close the dialog.

**This process can take up to 3 minutes after clicking POST**
Updated on June 13, 2022

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