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Creating New Screen Groups

  1. Open MC, click “Merchandise”, then “Screen Groups”, then “Add”.
  2. Create a name for the screen group, such as temps, and then the size of the screen group by putting numbers in the column and row fields. Example – a screen group with 24 spaces could be 4 rows and 6 columns, or vice versa. If this screen group will always be used to select modifiers and never for side items or main/parent menu items, click “Is Modifier Screen”. Click “OK” and “Done” to save the screen group.

Reducing the number of column/rows will increase the button size.


Checking the box for “Is Mod/Side Screen” does NOT mean the items located on that screen group are ALWAYS modifiers or sides EVERYWHERE within the database, it means they will generally function as modifiers or sides WHEN SELECTED FROM THIS SCREEN GROUP.


If an item/modifier etc already exists within the system that you want on your new screen group, locate that item in modify merchandise, click the “screens” tab, choose one of the lines where “none” is selected in the “screen on” drop box, and select the new screen group from that drop box. Then click the “Disp” button ON THAT ROW and click on the box where you want that item to show up. Then click “OK”.


If the item does not exist within your system, follow the instructions on page 9 “how to add a new item in MC” to add the item. Once you click “add like”, make sure you choose the new screen group under “screen on” in lieu of the one(s) that were pre-selected and pick a screen location as described above.


If you want the item to be priced differently when selected from this screen than it is priced in other areas of your menu, click the “pricing” button on the right side of the “screens” tab on the appropriate row. Then choose the default price level from the drop box and uncheck the price levels you do not want to be functional on this screen group. Click “OK” when you are done. Repeat with other items to add them to the screen group.


To add the screen group to the speed menu, see the “Speed Menus” section.

Updated on February 11, 2018

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