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Using the “Delay Send” Feature


The “Delay Send” and “Send and Add” features are especially helpful for ringing in appetizers and entrees at the same time. For example, these functions allow you to ring in appetizers, send them to the kitchen immediately, and remain in the same table/check. It also allows you to ring in appetizers and entrees at the same time, send the appetizers to the kitchen immediately and delay the entrees going to the kitchen for a certain period of time.



The “Delay Send” feature is also extremely helpful for call-ahead orders that do not need to be prepared immediately.

  1. Ring up the items normally.
  2. Touch “Delay Send”
  3. Touch the amount of time you wish to pass before the items you just rang up print in the kitchen. You can choose one of the predetermined amounts of time, or touch “open minutes” to type in the amount of time you wish to delay the items printing in the kitchen.  NOTE: All “delay send” options are measured in minutes.

Updated on February 13, 2018

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