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Common Credit Card Error Messages

Below is a list of common credit card error messages and their meanings:

  1. Invalid Expiration Date” – The expiration date on the swiped credit card is invalid.
  2. VXN Error 53” – This one is usually an internet connectivity error. Give us a call on our support line, 877-594-8767, for more assistance with this.
  3. Declined” – A declined message usually indicates that the customer does not have the available funds to cover the entire check.
  4. Socket Error 3006” – This message usually appears when using the Verifone Vx805 EMV solution. It is indicative of the “NetePay” software not running on this specific terminal.

For any questions or concerns with any other credit card error messages, please contact our support line at 1-877-594-8767.

Updated on November 12, 2018

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