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Troubleshooting System Totals Mismatches

Every company is different, but all of them need to account for the money at the end of the day. 
This page will give you some basic reports and thoughts on how 
to track down where money could have gone.

Server checkouts:
Cashiers, Servers, Bartenders, and anyone else who handles money through the POS system is expected to have a checkout. In the middle of the checkout, you will find cash due with a positive or negative number. Positive means that the server owes the house, negative means the opposite. When checking servers out, it’s important that you count the money they hand you and verify that the ‘cash due’ is correct. Adding all server checkouts at the end of the day is going to give you the ‘Cash Total’ that is needed for posting the end of the day.
Employee Payment Summary Report:
Found in ‘Reports -> Employee Sales Reports’ in the onePOS Manager Console, this report will list out all ‘Cash Due’ for every server, if you have out-of-scope payment methods(eg. chip card readers). Using this report, you can verify that you received every checkout and that it was the most recent checkout (in case of multiple checkouts). For sites that pay cash tips daily,  you can confirm whether or not the check out cash due line includes all transactions or not by subtracting the credit tip amount from the total cash payments recieved amount.  If the difference between those two is greater than the checkout cash amount, this means that a checkout was not run on a transaction that server closed.
Updated on December 16, 2021

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