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Splitting And Un-Splitting Items Among Multiple Guests/Checks

  1. Make sure the guest count is correct (you cannot split items among multiple guests if the check only has one guest). If the guest count is incorrect, touch “check options”, then touch “change guest count” and select the correct number of guests.
  2. Select the item or items you wish to split by touching it on the left side of the screen. Once all of the items you wish to split are highlighted, touch “Check Options” and select “Split Item” How to split or un-split items among multiple guests/checks
  3. Select which guests you wish to split the item(s) between, and then touch “Done”
  4. If you have other items to split between different guests, follow steps 2-3
  5. When you are finished splitting items, touch “Send” or “Print Check” or “Close Check”, whichever you want to do.

In version 3.9.92 and later, there is an “un-split item” function. This allows you to reverse the splitting of an item or items, even after the changes have been “sent”. Select the item you wish to un-split and touch the “un-split” button. This button populates in the same place as the “split item” button when selecting an item that has already been split.


Updated on February 13, 2018

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