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Setting Up Automatic Email Reports

1. In MC, go to Setup – System Preferences.
2. Call EBTF Support for the security code.
3. Click the “EoD Reports” tab.
4. Click one of the empty options that say “none” in the white box on the left. Scroll down if need be. 
5. Select the report from the drop box at the top, above the hourly checkboxes
6. Click the box for frequency (only click one).
7. Select the email from the drop box at the bottom, below the hourly checkboxes. Selecting the “CSV” option emails the report in CSV format instead of PDF.

CIf your email address doesn’t show up in the drop box, click on the “EoD Emails” tab and enter your email in one of the available fields. 

8. Click “OK” or start with step 4 to set up more auto-email reports.
Updated on July 25, 2018

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