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Processing Exceptions: Discounts / Comps / Coupon / Void

  1. Sign in as the server that owns the table OR Sign in as a manager and touch “Select Active Employee” or “Query by Table”.
  2. Open the table.
  3. Touch “Check Options” at the bottom.
  4. Touch the item or items the exception applies to. If the exception 19 applies to the whole check, touch “select all” at the bottom.
  5. Touch the exception, such as “Discount” or “Void”.
  6. Choose the correct reason for the exception.
  7. If prompted for manager approval, swipe manager card or enter manager sign-on ID.
  8. Items to be voided should turn red. 
  9. Take payment for guest or check, or press “send” if you are not ready to take the correct payment for this check or guest. DO NOT TOUCH “CANCEL” 
  10. If the check has a zero balance, close it out for exact cash.
Updated on February 13, 2018

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