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Printing Checks for Multiple Guests

  1. Ensure each guest has ownership of the correct items
  2. Touch “Print Check”
  3. Touch how you wish to print the check(s) with the buttons on the right side of the screen.
1. If you choose “Print with Sub”, one receipt will How to print checks for multiple guests print with a subtotal for each guest. This is best when the server is not sure how people are paying.
2. If you choose “Print no subtotal”, one receipt will print with a single total at the bottom for the whole table. This is best when the server is sure the whole table is paying together, such as a family or couple.
3. If you wish to print separate receipts for each guest at the table, there is no need to touch every guest, just touch “Print Separate”. The only reason to touch guests before touching “print separate” is if you only wish to print receipts for certain guests at the table rather than for every guest.
Updated on February 13, 2018

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