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Modifying Timeclock for Today

  1. Sign into the Manager Console software
  2. Click “Employees”
  3. Click “Clock employees in/out”
  4. Click the employee you need to modify the time clock data for
  5. Click “Modify Clock” to change the clock in or clock out time
  6. OR
  7. 5. Click “Clock In” or “Clock Out” to clock the employee in or out
  8. THEN
  9. 6. Click “Done”
OR From the Terminal:

  1. Sign into the manager menu
  2. Touch “Flash Readings”
  3. Touch “Labor Card” at the bottom
  4. Touch the arrow next to the employee’s name you want to modify timeclock data for.
  5. Touch OK/Done when you’re finished.
Updated on July 25, 2018

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