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Employee Messaging/Notification System


onePOS now offers a way to communicate with employees within the POS System. This can help ensure employee(s) receive notifications about important meetings, specials, 86’d items, etc.

  1. Log into MC and click Employees – Employee Messaging.
  2. To create a new message, click “New” on the right.
  3. On the left side will be a list of all employees. Anyone whose name is selected will receive your message. You can select or un-select employees by clicking their name. They will turn blue to indicate they are selected. You can also select multiple employees by clicking the buttons below the list of employees.
  4. Once you have selected the employees you want to receive the message, fill out the subject and body of the message similar to an email, then click OK. You should get a pop up that says message sent.
  5. The recipient of the message will see it next time they sign into a terminal. They can read the message and respond from any terminal. You can check the status of sent messages, as well as check for new messages by clicking on Employees – Employee Messaging. If there are new messages, there will be an indication on the top left corner of Manager Console.

These messages are only readable within the POS system. This system will not email employees at a domain-based email address ( employee@gmail.com, manager@yahoo.com, etc).

Updated on July 25, 2018

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