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Setting Up Transafe

Log In and Frequently Used Features

Using the email address and password that you have received in email,

Go to:


On the sign in screen, you can copy and paste the user ID and Password from the email that was sent. This is the easiest way to keep from accidentally typing it wrong as the initial password is a very secure, complicated password.

The very next screen will ask you to update your password because the initial temporary password will have expired.

After updating your password, it will ask you to set up your security questions:

The questions can be anything you want them to, and the answers must be at least 5 characters and not match any word in the question. 

You will need to put your new password in again before clicking submit.

This should take you to the dashboard page.  From the dashboard page, in the upper left corner, you will want to select the management dropdown, then Profiles, then List Profiles.

This will show you the profile information for the merchant account for your location.  On this screen, you will want to select the hamburger menu on the left.

From the hamburger menu, you will select Access Merchant Center

On the Select a User screen, you will want to select the Manager option.

This will take you to the Transafe Merchant Center Dashboard.

The Merchant Center Dashboard is where you will find the most useful features the Transafe Portal offers.  In the event of some catastrophic POS outage, you can utilize the Terminal options to process credit cards from any web browser or utilizing the POS credentials through the Uniterm APP available on Adnroid or iOS.

To confirm batches, or refund transactions in the case of an incorrect duplicate charge that is not recorded by the POS (this is a rare occurrence), you can research the transaction information and refund historical transactions through the settled batch reports.

Updated on November 24, 2021

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