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Refunding a Charge Through Transafe

NOTE: Charges reversed using the Transafe portal will not be recorded by the POS system.  The primary use of this function is for when the system has somehow double charged a customer and the second charge was not recorded by POS.  If tracking refunds through the POS is important for your accounting, please process refunds through the POS.

Sign in to manage.transafe.com using your credentials and go through selecting the profile to get to the dashboard.

Go to Reports>Batches>Settled Batches

This will take you to the Post-Settlement Batch Totals page. From here, you will want to select the hamburger menu to the left of the batch date that holds the transactions you are looking for.

From the hamburger menu, you will select View Transactions:

From inside the settled transaction report for that date in question, you will want to use the filter option to search for the card needed by the last 4 digits of the card number.

Once you have identified the offending transaction, you will want to select the hamburger menu to the left of that transaction and select refund.

This will produce the refund screen, where you will need to input the full amount being refunded to the customer, and click yes.

This will produce the Approved screen for the refund.  From here, you can email the customer a copy of the refund receipt.  You will want to click the “View Receipt” option.

Inside the View Receipt option, you will see the place on the right-hand side to put in the email address for the person who will be receiving the receipt. Once this is entered, hit send.

Updated on November 24, 2021

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