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Manager 101 and Transafe Introduction: A series of instructor led webinars to get managers more familiar with the onePOS Software. The series will start over each time completed.

Manager Console Series

Management 101: Manager Console 1

  • Description: Management Console (Back of House)(BOH)
    • POS
      • EOD
      • POS Transaction Query
      • Modify Employees
      • How to Add an Employee
      • How to Edit an Employee
      • Employee Messaging
      • Employee Clock-in Message
      • Clock Employees in/out
      • Query Payroll
    • SETUP
      • Dining Objects
      • Reductions
      • Voids
      • Comps
      • Coupons
      • Discounts
      • Refunds
      • Check Trailers o Great for Drip Marketing
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Management 101: Manager Console 2

Description: Manager Console (Back of House/BOH)

    • Daily Sales Reports
    • Product Mix Report
    • Payroll Details
    • Save or Send as PDF
  • HELP
    • Adding Items
    • Editing Items
    • Links
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FOH Terminal Series

Management 101: FOH Terminal 1

• Select Employee by list
• Select Active Employee
• Assign Scan Card
• Query by Table
• Clear Employees/Table Locks
• Flash Readings
• 86/Un86 Items
• Adjust Count Down Items
• Change Base Price Items

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Management 101: FOH Terminal 2

Check Options

  • Applying Reductions
    • Void
    • Comp
    • Discount
    • Coupons
    • Refunds
  • Change Price
  • Recipe Lookup
  • Bartender Guide
  • Re-Send Order

Server Menu

  • Re-Open Check
  • Re-Print Check
  • Reprint Credit Slip
  • Checkout
  • Emergency Credit Card Auto Approval

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Introduction to TranSafe

This webinar will provide a walk through of setting up the initial user account, along with how to access frequently used reports and features. These webinars will occur weekly on Tuesday at 1:00pm Central. If you need one on one training for TranSafe, please reach out to support to have that scheduled at support@ebtf.cc.

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